How to Prepare for Industry 4.0:

A Practical Guide

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Learn what Industry 4.0 means for your company, the business benefits offered by Industrial IoT and how your business should prepare for it.

Hear from Dr. Ching Au, CEO of Durabrite, a leading manufacturer of industrial lighting solutions, about how the company has adopted and integrated IIoT into their product line. 

This webinar covers the following topics:

  • Why IIoT- trends and predictions
  • Challenges in IIoT development  
  • How to overcome development obstacles
  • Best practices for IIoT adoption

Who should watch: Product managers, engineers, and innovation officers of industrial manufacturers. 


About the Presenters


Dr. Ching Au

CEO / Co-Founder, DuraBrite

Dr. Au is a New York based business and technology leader, with over a decade of experience in aerospace, space, and military-grade electronics design. Having earned his doctorate from MIT, he has authored a list of award winning publications, books, and patents. Dr. Au continues to innovate and come up with industry changing designs that offer best-in-class performance. As the Co-Founder of Durabrite, he wants to leverage IoT and bring forward-thinking products with integrated smart technologies to the world, improving safety, increasing quality and enabling professionals to deliver their best.


Miguel Schwartz
Director of Business Development, Seebo

Miguel has led business development initiatives across the high-tech world, including in the Internet of Things, clean tech, and medical tech fields. Prior to Seebo, Miguel served as Principal and Partner in a leading investment advisory firm and as a consultant for integrated tech planning. His years of experience in the fields of business development, opportunity sourcing and managing teams has led Miguel to excel at seeing the bigger picture while maintaining focus on the critical details. He holds a B.Sc. from Cornell University and a Ph.D. from Duke University.


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